The Hardin County Community Endowment Foundation (HCCEF) has announced that a special endowment has been created for the South Hardin Middle School Fine Arts Department. Tam Elerding, Foundation Program Director contacted the Hubbard – Radcliffe School District last week as she had been in contact with a local resident who was interesting in enhancing music education for middle school kids. The donor wished to provide an endowment to pay for certain expenses associated with the middle school fine arts program.

The school district is very excited about this endowment and the possibilities it will create. The donor has chosen to remain anonymous, however she would like to encourage others to donate to the endowment so that funds to support the fine arts will be available to the children of our community. Those who contribute will receive significant tax incentives. Federal legislation, which renewed this year, offers a special charitable giving opportunity to those who wish to give back to their communities. Until December 31, 2013, individuals 701/2 and older can transfer up to $100,000 of IRA assets directly to Hardin County non-profits without incurring federal and state income taxes today or estate taxes in the future.

In addition, Iowa taxpayers are eligible to receive a 25 % Endow Iowa Tax Credit on this same charitable rollover, if given to a permanently endowed fund with HCCEF, to support on of their favorite non-profit groups in Hardin County. The South Hardin Middle School Fine Arts Endowment does qualify under these guidelines.

Duane Harding, South Hardin Middle School, stated, “If not for the generosity of many people in conjunction with the HCCEF, we have a great opportunity to help our fine arts program grow this year and for to years to come.” PJ Heinz, superintendent of the district, shared, “What an awesome blessing from a very thoughtful individual. We are very grateful to this individual for stepping forward to support the fine arts. Both Harding and Heinz have committed to contributing to the South Hardin Middle School Fine Arts Endowment. Contribution envelopes are available at the middle school office or you may contact, Tam Elerding at the HCCEF office (641) 373-1379 for more information.