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Common  Questions

How does HCCEF work?

HCCEF is comprised of a collection of many types of funds (endowed or non-endowed). These funds are established by individual donors, families, charitable organizations and businesses.  HCCEF accepts donations to these funds from the public and invests these monies.  These funds are then distributed back into the community in some capacity depending on what the fund advisors choose.

What is a non-endowed fund?

A non-endowed fund is a type of fund established by a donor. These funds allow the ability to grant whenever and wherever the donor would like. There is no restriction on the amount that is available to be spent each year, aside from the required minimum balance.

What is an endowment fund?

An endowment is a type of permanent fund, established by the donor, 

for a charitable purpose.  The monies within the fund are invested for growth, with up to five percent of the fund balance granted each year to specific causes or organizations.

How do you establish a fund with HCCEF?

A donor can establish a fund with any name, at any time. The flexibility on the types of funds offered accommodates each potential fundholder to their desired charitable giving goals. Contact Tam Elerding  to discuss the option that best suits you.

Can gifts be added to an established fund?

Yes, once the fund is established, any amount may be added to that particular fund, or any other fund at HCCEF, at any time.  As a note, you do not have to have a fund established to make donations to funds at HCCEF.

Are there tax advantages of donating to HCCEF?

As an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, HCCEF is an IRS-qualified 501 (c) (3) organization, so all contributions are eligible for tax deductions.  Donors who give to a permanent endowment with HCCEF are eligible to receive an Endow Iowa 25% tax credit on their charitable gift (s).  In jeopardy need HF 673

How are my donations/funds invested?

Funds are pooled with the assets of the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines or with a Charitable Investment Partner (CIP).  Their investment professionals work on effective strategies and follow an investment policy with strict guidelines.   They strive for the best possible performance for all funds entrusted to the Foundation. 

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